Table 1

Baseline characteristics of infants with a large patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) randomised to indomethacin or placebo

IndomethacinPlacebop Value
GA (weeks)*26 (1.4)26 (1.4)NS
BW (grams)*892 (205)876 (203)NS
Male†19 (43%)29 (60%)NS
Singletons†28 (64%)38 (79%)NS
Any prenatal steroids†38 (86%)43 (90%)NS
Delivery mode—LSCS†27 (61%)30 (62%)NS
Apgar score 5 minutes*7.4 (2)7.2 (1.7)NS
Time of surfactant administration (minutes)*5645NS
Ventilation mode at enrolment (CPAP/MV)†8 CPAP/36 MV7 CPAP/41 MVNS
Mechanical ventilation (>24 h)†42 (61%)45 (63%)NS
CPAP at any time†42 (97%)45 (90%)NS
Age at receipt of study drug (hours)*8.3 (2.9)9.1 (3.4)NS
  • *Mean (SD).

  • †Number (%).

  • BW, birth weight; CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; GA, gestational age; LSCS, lower segment caesarean section; MV, mechanical ventilation.