Table 3

Neuropsychological outcomes in the subgroup of children with more extensive cerebellar dysgenesis (n=2) and one child with normal postnatal MRI (n=1)

Prenatal MRIIsolated iVHIsolated iVHIsoalated iVH
Postnatal MRIiVH+cerebellar hemisphere anomaliesiVH+cerebellar hemisphere anomaliesnormal
Notedel distal end of 10q, trisomy at 10q26.1autism
School settingSpecial educationSpecial educationSpecial education with ABA
 Composite scores848564*
 Performance IQ (non-verbal)878990
 Processing speed quotient828468*
 Full scale IQ858775
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales-II
 Daily living skills757783
Child Behavior Check List
 Internalising behavioural problems556166*
 Externalising behavioural problems555546
Social communication questionnaire5318*
BRIEF global executive composite756080
Parental Stress Index86*89*105*
  • *Demotes abnormal neurodevelopmental outcome results.

  • ABA, applied behavioral analysis; BRIEF, behavior rating inventory of executive function; iVH, inferior vermian hypoplasia; WPPSI, Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence—3rd edition.