Table 2

Individual characteristics of non-cooled neonates with hypoxia-ischaemic encephalopathy

Second-line anticonvulsant
CaseClinical SarnatRecorded seizure burden (min)Seizure number (n)Mean seizure duration (s)Age at first EEG seizureAge at first-line anticonvulsantTime from EEG seizure onset to treatmentAgeTotal doseOther drugs
C1S238457410 h 15 mNNM
C231064314718 h23 h 14 mPt=10 mg/kgM
C3S21162133126 h 11 m8 h 5 mB25 h 5 mPt=20 mg/kg
C4S3137849814 h 12 mNNM, Tr
C5S2152999222 h 30 m22 h 34 m4 m32 h 44 mPt=20 mg/kg
C6E, S21722149325 h 30 m19 h 13 mB28 h 28 mPt=20 mg/kg
C7E31831219112 h 40 m12 h 20 mB35 h 35 mMz=100 mcg/kgM
C8E31994129117 h 7 m10 h 50 mBM
C932066020612 h 20 m24 h 24 m12 h 4 mM
C10E, S22126619310 h 54 m10 h 10 mB28 h 40 mPt=20 mg/kg
C1132391509610 h 56 m19 h 35 m8 h 39 m
C12E338420911021 h 58 m2 h 30 mBPt=20 mg/kgCn, M
C13E, S24136339317 h 54 m10 h 3 mB
C14E, S364030512616 h 48 m18 h 13 m1 h 25 m29 h 13 mPt=20 mg/kgPr, Mz, Py
C15E395819030327 h 28 m6 h 34 mB9 h 44 mPt=5 mg/kgMz, Py
C16E3100220129920 h 35 m16 h 37 mB26 h 47 mPt=40 mg/kgM, D
  • B, clinically treated before EEG commenced; C, neonates enrolled from the Cork University Maternity Hospital; Cn, clonazepam; D, intravenous diazepam; E, neonates with status epilepticus; M, morphine; Mz, midazolam; N, not given any anticonvulsant; Pr, paraldehyde; Pt, phenytoin; Py, pyridoxine; S, neonates who were already seizing at the time when EEG was commenced; Tr, trichloral hydrate.