Table 1

New developments using neonatal specialist care data (lead organisation in brackets)

Parent reported experience measures for inclusion in the NNAP (RCPCH)
National neonatal dashboards for neonatal units and networks (Neonatal Specialised Commissioners)
Staffing dataset for neonatal units (BAPM)
Linkage of the National Neonatal Database with HES (NDAU)
Parent engagement in neonatal specialist data collection (NDAU/NNAP)
Linkage of neonatal specialist care outcomes with staffing (Bliss)
Quality improvement programme to reduce necrotising enterocolitis (East of England Network)
Inclusion of neonatal specialist care data in the Department of Health Atlas of Variation (NDAU/DH)
National Neonatal Collaborative research projects and service evaluations (NDAU)
  • BAPM, British Association of Perinatal Medicine; DH, Department of Health; HES, Hospital Episode Statistics; NDAU, Neonatal Data Analysis Unit; NNAP, National Neonatal Audit Programme; RCPCH, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.