Table 1

Incidence of early-onset sepsis (EOS) (<3 days of birth) and late-onset sepsis (LOS) (≥3 days of birth) among inborn infants out of 1000 live births in three Asian centres, 2006–2009

Study site (live births)Type of infectionYears of data collectionTotal (95% CI)
KT-Malaysia (LB=46320)EOS (n=29)0.930.530.920.160.63 (0.42 to 0.89)
LOS (n=267)8.285.465.703.915.76 (5.09 to 6.49)
HYH-Thailand (LB=21299)EOS (n=17)0.561.250.570.80 (0.46 to 1.28)
LOS (n=101)5.734.603.874.74 (3.86 to 5.76)
CHCSJ-Macau (LB=8522)EOS (n=1)0.500. (0.003 to 0.65)
LOS (n=13)1.001.962.830.421.52 (0.81 to 2.61)
Total (LB=76141)EOS (n=47)0.860.490.940.370.62 (0.45 to 0.82)
LOS (n=381) (4.51 to 5.53)
  • Data from CHHP-China were not included because there was no data on live births.

  • CHCSJ-Macau, Centro Hospitalar Conde de Sao Januario in Macau; HYH-Thailand, Hat Yai Hospital in Thailand; KT-Malaysia, Kuala Terengganu in Malaysia; LB, Live Births.