Table 4

Comparison of neuropsychological assessment in children with postnatally confirmed iiVH (n=12) and those with normal postnatal MRI (n=5) in postnatal MRI

iiVH (n=12) (Mean±SD)Normal (n=5) (Mean±SD)p Value
 Composite scores108.1±13.0110.0±7.70.64
 Performance IQ (non-verbal)102.3±24.3102.8±9.40.53
 Processing speed quotient100.8±10.6103.0±12.70.63
 Full scale IQ107.9±12.9108.2±10.80.52
 WISC Working Memory Index (iiVH n=5, normal n=2)107.4±13.8116.0±8.50.80
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales-II
 Daily living skills96.7±4.094.2±3.60.12
Child Behavior Check List
 Internalising behavioural problems43.1±3.048.2±4.20.40
 Externalising behavioural problems44.7±2.442.7±3.40.57
Social communication questionnaire2.5±1.72.2±1.30.35
Median, (1st, 3rd quartile)Median, (1st, 3rd quartile)Wilcoxon rank test p Value
BRIEF global executive composite44.5 (42.0, 57.5)32 (30.0, 34.0)0.002*
Parental Stress Index73.0 (57.5, 86.0)45 (42.5, 48)0.007**
  • *Significant (p<0.05), both group's scores were still within normal range.

  • **Significant (p<0.05).

  • BRIEF, Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function; iiVH, isolated inferior vermian hypoplasia; WISC, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children—4th edition; WPPSI, Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence—3rd edition.