Table 3

Individual characteristics of cooled neonates with hypoxia-ischaemic encephalopathy enrolled for this study

CaseClinical SarnatRecorded seizure burden (min)Seizure number (n)Mean seizure duration (s)Age at first EEG seizureAge at first-line anticonvulsantTime from EEG seizure onset to treatmentAgeTotal doseOther drugsCooling duration (age in h)
L1A219428310 h 59 m11 h 30 m31 mM72 (12–84)
L2A224178511 h 20 m12 h 25 m1 h 5 m26 hPt=20 mg/kgM, Mz72 (8–90)
L3E23129176 h 58 m7 h 25 m27 mM72 (6–78)
C173391416812 h 22 m6 h 10 mBM72 (0.25–72.25)
L42481224124 h 23 m31 h 44 m7 h 21 mM72 (6–78)
L5R, A249466439 h 26 m24 h 23 mBM72 (9–81)
C18E255216588 h 17 m9 h 55 m1 h 38 mM72 (2–74)
L6W360418812 h12 h 51 m51 m20 h 11 mMz=150 mcg/kgM33 (0.5–33.5)
C1921002227413 h 25 m15 h 38 m2 h 13 mM72 (2–74)
C202118769321 h 28 m7 h 20 mBM72 (3–75)
C21E, W32145622916 h 33 m17 h 3 m30 m28 h 33 mPt=20 mg/kgM65 (0.8–66)
L7R, W32242814812 h 51 m21 h 22 m8 h 31 m25 h 52 mMz=340 mcg/kgM23 (5-28)
C22R32441857942 h 13 m56 h 25 m14 h 12 m65 h 35 mPt=20 mg/kgM72 (6–78)
L8E, R, W328916110813 h 5 m27 h 23 m14 h 18 mM19 (5-24)
L9S, W342117814210 h 24 m13 h 35 m3 h 11 m13 h 55 mMz=330 mcg/kgM66 (5–71)
  • A, documented age onset of active cooling, passive cooling initiated earlier during transport; B, clinically treated before EEG commenced; C, neonates enrolled from Cork University Maternity Hospital; E, neonates with status epilepticus; L, neonates enrolled from University College London Hospital; M, morphine; Mz, midazolam; R, neonates with EEG seizures following discontinuation of cooling; Pt, phenytoin; S, neonates who were already seizing at the time when EEG record was commenced; W, shorter cooling period as part of withdrawal of life-sustaining support decision.