Table 2

Statistical justification for aggregation of scale scores to a composite score

SAQ scalesICC(1)ICC(2)ANOVA p valueMedian of Rwg(j)
Teamwork climate0.080.90<0.010.84
Safety climate0.070.89<0.010.88
Job satisfaction0.060.88<0.010.87
Stress recognition0.020.690.060.64
Perception of management0.110.93<0.010.74
Working conditions0.060.86<0.010.77
Expected range to justify aggregation0.05–0.3>0.7<0.05>0.7
  • ICC(1), proportion of total variance explained by NICU membership. ICC(2), overall estimate of the reliability of NICU means. One-way ANOVA indicates that responses differ between NICUs. Rwg(j) is the within-NICU inter-rater agreement index.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; NICU, neonatal intensive care unit; SAQ, Safety Attitudes Questionnaire.