Table 2

Outcome indictors by CPAP weaning method (intension to treat multivariate analysis n=177)

M1 (n=56)m2 (n=69)M3 (n=52)Sig
Time of wean‡11.3±0.816.8±1.0*19.4±1.3*p<0.0001
Total days CPAP24.4±0.138.6±0.1*30.5±0.1*p<0.0001
CGA OFF CPAP31.9±0.134.1±0.1*32.8±0.2*p<0.0001
Oxygen duration‡24.1±1.545.8±2.2*34.1±2.0*p<0.0001
BPD7/56 (12.5%)29/69 (42%)†10/52 (19%)p=0.011
Length of Admission$58.5±0.173.8±0.1*69.5±0.1*p<0.0001
CGA at D/C#35.8±0.136.9±0.1*36.9±0.1*p<0.0001
  • Adjusted for gender and Apgar scores at 1 and 5 min within a generalised linear model.

  • * Significantly longer/more than M1 p<0.001, †p<0.01 (Bonferroni adjusted).

  • Estimated marginal means±1SE, ‡days, $days in level 3 intensive care and #D/C, discharge.

  • CGA, corrected GA; CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure.