Table 1

Clinical characteristics of the neonates included in the study

Non-cooled (n=16)Cooled (n=15)p Value
Gestational age (weeks)41 (40-41)40 (40-41)0.300
Birth weight (g)3488 (3163−3733)3275 (3000−4130)0.707
Gender (male:female)10:69:60.886*
Clinical Sarnat score
5-min Apgar score6 (2–8)4 (2–4)0.050
First pH7.134 (7.032−7.217)6.930 (6.800−7.100)0.009
Number of anticonvulsants2 (1–3)1 (1-2)0.274
First-line anticonvulsant (age in h)12 (9–19)14 (10–24)0.504
Total dose of first-line anticonvulsant (mg/kg)30 (20–40)20 (20)0.203
Second-line anticonvulsant (age in h)28 (24–31)26 (19–38)0.556
Number of neonates on morphine8150.002*
  • Data are median (IQR) or n.

  • * χ2 test for the proportion of gender and clinical Sarnat score for neonatal hypoxia-ischaemic encephalopathy in non-cooled and cooled groups.