Table 5

Quality-adjusted survival rates to 2 years of age, both overall and in 250 g birthweight subgroups, for ELBW live births free of lethal malformations in Victoria from the 1970s to the mid 2000s

1979–19801985–19871991–199219972005Mean difference (95% CI)*p value
500–999 g
 Live births (n)348560423226257−3.6 (−11.2 to 4.0)0.35
 Total utilities68.1178.3202.7137.1146.7
 Quality-adjusted survival (%)19.431.847.360.757.1
500–749 g
 Live births (n)128223164105131−10.4 (−21.4 to 0.6)0.063
 Total utilities5.
 Quality-adjusted survival (%)
750–999 g
 Live births (n)2203372591211265.9 (−2.6 to 14.4)0.17
 Total utilities63.1160.2159.688.099.1
 Quality-adjusted survival (%)28.747.561.672.878.7
  • * For comparison of quality-adjusted survival rates between 2005 and 1997; quality-adjusted survival rate comparisons between previous eras reported earlier.1