Table 2

Deviations from Swedish guidelines for neonatal resuscitation in 2004–2006

n/N%Apgar score ≤3 at 10 min* (n)Death (n)
Unsatisfactory resuscitation17/3135.4
 Artificial ventilation not started within 1 min after birth in cases of apnoea and fetal heart rate <100 beats/min51.600
 Endotracheal intubation not performed within 3 min after birth§107173
 Thoracic compressions not performed despite asystole21521
Unsatisfactory drug administration843
 Epinephrine not provided despite asystole or persistent bradycardia§53621
No correction of metabolic acidosis despite asystole or persistent bradycardia§1700
 Buffer despite normal acid–base status200
Late arrival4815
 Paediatrician, neonatologist or anaesthesiologist not present before birth211722
 Paediatrician, neonatologist or anaesthesiologist not arrived within 4 min after birth**272222
Untimely interruption of resuscitation
 Resuscitation not interrupted despite asystole for >15 min30.9633
  • Study group: 313 infants with Apgar scores of <7 at 5 min.

  • * 21 infants had Apgar scores of ≤3 at 10 min of age.

  • Eight infants died during the neonatal period.

  • 13 infants had asystole at 1 min of age (Apgar score 0).

  • § 14 infants had asystole or persistent bradycardia at 5 min of age (Apgar score ≤1).

  • Complicated vaginal deliveries (n=121).

  • ** In cases of unexpected asphyxia (n=124).