Table 4

His response

4.1I was really, really worried for X ((partner)) but then I was so worried for the baby, Oh man, I think my worry was with X more at that point yea, I’d say with X, it breaks my heart to say that really (F12)
4.2My main concern was the baby. At that point, I mean my wife was all right; she wasn't in danger or anything. You see I didn't know if she ((the baby)) was gonna be OK or not. My main concern was the safety of our baby. (F14)
4.3I didn't feel as if I was allowed to go across, although I would have liked to have done. I mean I would've liked to have gone across but I didn't feel as if I could (F19)
4.4So all the time I was just thinking in my mind, you know, to try and not think about what's happening if you know what I mean? (F11)