Table 2

Demographic and clinical details of included study infants

Demographic/clinical detailsStudy infants (n=112)
Gestational age, mean (SD) in weeks38.2 (1.58)
Birth weight, mean (SD) in g3202 (516)
Number below 3rd centile for weight centile (WHO data)5
Gender, female in %46
Twins2 sets
Head cirdumference, mean (SD) in cm34.90 (1.31)
Apgar scores, median (range)
 5 min8 (6–10)
 10 min10 (8–10)
Age at scanning in days, median (range)1 (0–4)
Primigravida50 (45%)
Mode of delivery (%)
HIV status
 Positive6 (5%)
 Unknown14 (12.5%)
  • ElCS, elective Caesarean section; EmCS, emergency Caesarean section; SVD, spontaneous vaginal delivery.