Table 2

Studies reporting costs after initial discharge (studies since 1980)

ReferenceDate of cohortLocation of cohortType of cohortGestational age/birth weightType of costsTimeframe
Backhouse et al431987–1990North AmericaTrial-based cohort>1250 gHealthFirst 12 months
Boyle et al441964–1979 and 1973–1977Canada (Hamilton-Wentworth County)Regional<1500 gHealth, social services and educationBetween birth and predicted death
Brooten et al451982–1984USA (Pennsylvania)Hospital specific<1500 gHealthFirst 18 months
Broyles et al461988–1996USA (Texas)Hospital specific<1000 g or <1500 gHospital (in- and out-patient) excluding drugsFirst 12 months (adjusted age)
Chaikind & Corman471987–1988USANational<2500 gEducation6–15 years
Chollet et al271989–1991USAConvenience sampleAll GA and BWHospital, professionalFirst 2 years
Clements et al481999–2000USA (Massachusetts)Geographic (state)AllHealth and social servicesDischarge to 3 years
Gennaro491990–1994USA (Pennsylvania)Hospital specific<1500 g and 1500–2000 gOut of pocket expenses, lost productivityDischarge to 6 months
Goetze et al501988–1990USA (Ohio)Geographic (state)<1500gHealthFirst 2 years
Javitt et al51Hypothetical cohortsNANA500–749 g, 750–999 g, 1000–1249 gHealth, social services, education, lost productivityBetween birth and predicted death
Kirkby et al522001–2004USAHospital specific32–34 weeksHospitalBirth to 2 weeks post initial-discharge
Lewit et al531998USANational<2500 gHealth, social services, educationFirst 12 months
McCallum & Tuberville541985–1991USA (Texas)Hospital specific<1500 gHealthFirst 2 years
McCormick et al551983–1984USA (Philadelphia)Hospital specific<1500 gHealth, out-of-pocket expensesFirst 12 months
McLaurin et al562004USANational (insurance membership specific)33–36 weeksHospitalBirth to 1 year
Medstat572001USAConvenience sampleAll BWHealthFirst 12 months
Papiernik58Hypothetical cohortNANALBWHealthNot specified
Papiernik & Keith59Hypothetical cohortNANAAll BWHealth, lost productivityNot specified
Petrou601978–1988UK (Oxfordshire & West Berkshire)Geographic (region)All GAHospitalFirst 10 years
Petrou et al611970–1993UK (Oxfordshire & West Berkshire)Geographic (region)All GAHospitalFirst 5 years
Petrou et al621995UK & IrelandNational<26 weeksHealth, education, social services, out-of-pocket, lost productivity6th year of life
Pharoah et al631979–1981UK (Merseyside)Geographic (region)<1500 gHealth, social services, educationDischarge to 4 years
Ringborg et al361998–2001SwedenNationalAll GA and BWHospitalFirst 12 months
Rogowski641986–1987USA (California)Geographic (state)<1500 gHospitalFirst 12 months
Rolnick et al651993, 1995USA (Minnesota)Hospital specific>1500 gHospitalDischarge to 1 year
Roth et al661990–1991USA (Florida)Geographic (state)AllEducationPeriod of kindergarten
Russell et al672001USAHospital specificAllHospitalFirst 12 months
Stevenson et al681979–1981UK (Merseyside)Geographic (region)<1500 gHealth, social services and educationDischarge to 4 years
Stevenson et al691979–1981UK (Merseyside)Geographic (region)<1500 gHealth (Hospital & GP)Discharge to 8–9 years
Stevenson et al701979–1981UK (Merseyside)Geographic (region)<1500 gHealth, educationDischarge to 8–9 years
Tommiska et al411996–1997FinlandRegional hospital<1000 gHospital, non-medical, productivity lossesFirst 24 months
Underwood et al711992–2000USA (California)Geographic (state)AllHospitalDischarge to 1 year
VICSG421979–1980, 1985–1987; 1991–1992Australia (Victoria)Geographic (state)500–999 gHealthFirst 2 years
Walker et al721977–1981USA (Rhode Island)Geographic (region)<1000 gHealth, social services and educationBetween birth and predicted death
Walker et al731974–1975 and 1979–1980USA (Rhode Island)Geographic (region)<1500 gHealth and educationBetween birth and predicted death
  • BW, birth weight; GA, gestational age; LBW, low birth weight; NA, not applicable; VICSG, The Victorian Infant Collaborative Study Group.