Table 1

Studies reporting the costs of initial hospitalisation (studies since 1980)

ReferenceDate of cohortLocation of cohortType of cohortSample sizeGestational ageBirth weightType of costs
Adams et al251996USAConvenience sampleTotal: 12 125
Normal PT: 456
Extreme PT: 513
Term: 9179
Not specifiedNot specifiedHospital; professional
Brazier et al26Not specifiedUKHospital specificTotal: 38Not specifiedNot specifiedTravel
Chollet et al271989–1991USAConvenience sampleTotal: 58 904
Normal PT: 946
Extreme PT: 986
Term: 44 041
AllAllHospital; professional
Dorling et al281993–1997UK (East Anglia)Geographic (region)Total: 1244Not specified<1500 gHospital
Doyle291997Australia (Victoria)Geographic (state)Total: 233Not specified500–999 gHospital
Giacoia et al301983–1984USAHospital specificTotal: 167Not specifiedAllTravel
Gilbert et al311996USA (California)Geographic (state)25–38 weeks: 147 224
500–3000 g: 458 366
25–38 weeks500–3000 gHospital
Kilpatrick et al.101990–1994USA (California)Hospital specificTotal: 13824–26 weeksNot specifiedHospital
Luke et al321991–1992USA (Illinois)Hospital specificSingletons: 106
Twins: 111
Marbella et al331989–1994USA (Wisconsin)Geographic (state)PT: 26 668
Term: 368 955
Not specifiedAllHospital
McLoughlin et al34Not specifiedUKHospital specificTotal: 10922–37 weeks<2500 gTravel
Phibbs and Schmittet351998–2000USA (California)Geographic (state)Total: 193 167AllAllHospital
Ringborg et al361998–2001SwedenNationalTotal: 24 583AllAllHospital
Rogowski371993–1994USA25 self selected hospitalsTotal: 3288Not specified501–1500 gHospital
Rogowski381997–1998USA29 hospitals in neonatal networkTotal: 6797Not specified501–1500 gHospital
Schmitt et al392000USA (California)Geographic (state)Total: 518 697AllAllHospital
St John et al401989–1992USA (Alabama)Hospital specificTotal: 95824–32 vs 33–42 weeksNot specifiedHospital; professional
Tommiska et al411996–1997FinlandGeographic (regional hospital)<1000 g: 105
Controls: 75
≥22 weeks<1000 gHospital; non-medical direct; productivity losses
VICSG421991–1992Australia (Victoria)Geographic (state)Total: 429Not specified500–999 gHospital
  • PT, preterm; VICSG, The Victorian Infant Collaborative Study Group.