Table 4

Clinical details of infants with an Apgar score of zero 10 min and beyond who were resuscitated and transferred to our unit for therapeutic hypothermia

CaseDelivery modePeripartum eventInitial pHBase deficitSeizureFlaccidDecerebrate posturingAbsent spontaneous activityOutcome
1.Caesarean sectionAbruption/cord accident (vasa previa)6.8630NoYesNoYesDied on day 2
First heart beat at 12 min
HR >100 at 25 min
2.Caesarean section, HR >100 at 13 minShoulder dystocia/fetal bradycardia6.5130YesYesYesYesDied on day 13
3.Caesarean section HR >100 at 15 minAbruption/fetal bradycardia624NoYesNoYesDied on day 6
4.SVD First heart beat at 20 minAbruption/MSAF6.9721.5NoYesNoYesSpastic quadriparesis, seizure, and severe global delay at 24 months
5.SVD Asystolic at 15 min HR >100 at 20 minFetal bradycardia/tight nuchal cord6.64>30YesYesNoYesDied at 8 months
6.SVD First heart beat at 30 min into code in ERBorn in a bath tub at home/mother passed out at delivery6.2427.9YesYesNoYesDied on day 7
7.Caesarean section Asystolic for >35 min HR >100 at around 40 minAbruption/cord avulsion/fetal bradycardia6.6826YesYesNoYesSpastic quadriparesis with severe global delay at 24 months
8.Forceps delivery First heart beat at 33 minFetal bradycardia7.0514.3YesYesYesYesSent home on palliative care on day 25 and died at 12 months
9.Caesarean section First heart beat at 12 minCord prolapse/fetal bradycardia6.9725YesYesNoYesDied on day 15
10.Caesarean section HR >100 at 15 minAbruption/absent fetal heart beat – rushed for caesarean section6.521YesNoYesYesDied on day 10
11.SVD HR >100 at 20 minNone7.0712YesYesYesYesExtensive encephalo-malacia on brain MRI with neurological impairment at 2 months
12.Caesarean section HR >100 at 15 minFetal bradycardia/MSAF6.8>30YesNoYesYesDied on day 6
  • ER, emergency room; HR, heart rate; MSAF, meconium stained amniotic fluid; SVD, spontaneous vaginal delivery.