Table 3

Multivariate logistic regression analysis of selected precooling attributes for prediction of death despite therapeutic hypothermia and predictive values

Precooling variablesp Value, OR (95% CI)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)LR+LR−
Variables predicting neonatal death
 10 min Apgar score of zero<0.001, 32.7 (6.4 to 166.5)7093589610.00.32
Variables predicting death during follow-up to at least 9 months
 10 min Apgar score of zero<0.001, 51.7 (9.9 to 269.5)7596759618.80.26
  • LR+, positive likelihood ratio; LR−, negative likelihood ratio; NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value.