Table 3

Demographic characteristics according to need for PPV by bag and mask or by bag and endotracheal tube at birth for term newborns with vertex presentation

PPV with bag and maskPPV with bag and endotracheal tube
Yes (%) (n=256)No (%) (n=6689)p ValueYes (%) (n=21)No (%) (n=6924)p Value
Maternal age <20 years28230.05838230.120
First gestation4735<0.00148350.243
<6 Prenatal visits36390.36943390.726
Twin gestation410.0091010.034
Rupture of membranes >18 h440.7621040.174
Caesarean section38300.00438300.426
Regional anaesthesia4834<0.00143340.399
Birth weight <2500 g950.0021950.021
GA 37–38.9 weeks36320.10238320.526
Non-appropriate weight for GA28220.04724230.800
  • GA, gestational age; PPV, positive pressure ventilation.