Table 2

Demographic characteristics of term neonates with vertex presentation according to type of delivery

Vaginal delivery (n=4852)Non-urgent caesarean section (n=2093)p Value
Gestational age (weeks)0.016
Birth weight (g)3174±4303272±514<0.001
 Birth weight <2500 g5%6%0.177
Weight versus gestational age<0.001
1 min Apgar score
5 min Apgar score
PPV with bag and mask3.3%4.7%0.004
PPV with bag and ET tube0.3%0.4%0.426
PPV+CCs and/or medication0.1%0.3%0.076
  • CCs, chest compressions; ET, endotracheal tube; PPV, positive pressure ventilation.