08.00–09.20Registration and coffee
09.20–09.30Official opening of conference
Professor Stephen Robson, President, British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society
Chairs: Mr Gerald Mason and Mr Bill Martin
Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis
Professor YM Dennis Lo, Li Ka Shing Professor of Medicine and Professor of Chemical Pathology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
10.10–10.22Comparison of off-line three-dimensional and real-time two–dimensional ultrasound assessment of nuchal translucency: a pilot study of 100 cases
S Sudhakar et al
Abstract 1.1
10.22–10.34Epidermal growth factor increases system A transport and attenuates apoptosis in placental explants
AEP Heazell et al
Abstract 1.2
10.34–10.46Local over-expression of VEGF in the uterine arteries results in long-term changes in uterine artery blood flow and vascular reactivity in the pregnant sheep
AL David et al
Abstract 1.3
10.46–11.30Coffee, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
11.30–11.42Audit of first trimester chorionic villous sampling outcomes: a regional, population-based study
AM Tonks et al
Abstract 1.4
11.42–11.54Metabolic changes in plasma and placental villous explants from women who deliver a small for gestational age (SGA) baby
RP Horgan et al
Abstract 1.5
11.54–12.06Human primary cytotrophoblasts from normal and IUGR pregnancies respond differently to T3 treatment in vitro
E Vasilopoulou et al
Abstract 1.6
12.06–12.36Hot Topic: Cardiac defects in fetuses with elevated nuchal translucency
Professor Lindsey Allan, Consultant Fetal Cardiologist, King’s College Hospital, London, UK
12.36–14.30Lunch, Exhibition, Poster Viewing and Meet the Experts Sessions
13.20–14.20MEET THE EXPERTS SESSION (lunchtime sessions)
Failure to progress:
Mr Kim Hinshaw and Professor Tina Lavender
Abnormal liver function tests:
Miss Joanna Girling and Professor Catherine Williamson
Morbidity adherent placenta:
Miss Sara Paterson-Brown and Dr John Cockburn
Chairs: Dr Myles Taylor and Dr Richard Smith
Outcome of prenatally detected renal anomalies
Miss H.K. Dhillon, Perinatal Urologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, UK
15.00–15.12The combined use of two powerful predictors of preterm birth in high-risk asymptomatic women
LA Bolt et al
Abstract 2.1
15.12–15.24Prevalence and outcome for individuals with Down Syndrome, 1985-2003
PWG Tennant et al
Abstract 2.2
15.24–15.36Low saliva progesterone concentrations are associated with spontaneous early pre-term labour (before 34 weeks of gestation) in high risk women
L Poston et al
Abstract 2.3
15.36–16.06Tea, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
16.06–16.18Can twin pregnancy be safely prolonged to term (37 weeks gestation)
R Mahony et al
Abstract 2.4
16.18–16.30Extreme obesity in pregnancy in the UK: prevalence, pregnancy complications and outcomes
M Knight
Abstract 2.5
16.30–16.42The medicalising of obesity during pregnancy: forgetting the woman inside
CM Furber et al
Abstract 2.6
16.42–17.12Hot Topic: Abnormal placentation and long term cardiovascular disease
Professor Ian Greer, Professor of Obstetric Medicine and Dean, Hull York Medical School, University of York
17.15–18.00Annual General Meeting
19.30Society Reception and Dinner, St. George’s Hall, Liverpool
FRIDAY 19th JUNE 2009
Chairs: Dr Tracey Johnston and Dr Lucy Kean
Controversies in third stage management
Professor Judith S. Mercer, Clinical Professor, University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island, USA
Introduction by Professor Tina Lavender, Manchester, UK
09.30–09.42Measuring placental transfusion for term births: weighing babies at birth with cord intact
D Farrar et al
Abstract 3.1
09.42–09.54The Release Trial: a randomised trial of umbilical vein oxytocin for retained placenta
AD Weeks et al
Abstract 3.2
09.54–10.06Subdural, subgaleal and cephalohaematoma – are these a result of obstetric trauma?
E Whitby et al
Abstract 3.3
10.06–11.05Coffee, Exhibition and Poster Presentations
11.05–11.17Normal Birth matters’: the impact of an interactive, multimedia learning package on maternity staff
J Grant et al
Abstract 3.4
11.17–11.29Macrophage infiltration of decidua and myometrium in rat models of preterm labour
SA Hamilton et al
Abstract 3.5
11.29–11.41A randomised, double masked, placebo controlled Study of Progesterone for the Prevention of Preterm Birth in Twins (STOPPIT)
JE Norman et al
Abstract 3.6
11.41–12.11Hot Topic: Mode of delivery of twins
Dr Jon Barrett, MD, Chief Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, Toronto, Canada
12.11–13.10Lunch, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
Chairs: Mr Jason Waugh and Professor Fionnuala McAuliffe
Thrombophilias in pregnancy
Professor Marc Rodger, MD, Haematologist & Epidemiologist, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Ottawa, Canada
13.40–13.52Biological activity of vascular endothelial growth factor in pre-eclipse
VL Bills et al
Abstract 4.1
13.52–14.04First trimester markers for the prediction of pre-eclampsia in women with a prior high risk
A Khalil et al
Abstract 4.2
14.04–14.16Maternal plasma fatty acid composition and pregnancy outcome in pregnant adolescents:
the About Teenage Eating (ATE) Study
SJ Wheeler et al
Abstract 4.3
14.16–14.46Tea, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
14.46–14.58The gestation-specific risk and predictors of antepartum stillbirth in babies of women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: a population based study
I Balchin et al
Abstract 4.4
14.58–15.10A prospective study of highly sensitive CRP throughout pregnancy and postpartum in women who developed pre-eclampsia and pregnancy-induced hypertension
M Noori et al
Abstract 4.5
15.10–15.22Do maternal cardiac structural abnormalities predispose to high resistance uterine artery Doppler indices?
K Melchiorre et al
Abstract 4.6
15.22–15.52Hot Topic: Adult congenital heart disease in pregnancy
Dr Lorna Swan, Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK
15.52–16.00Presentation of Abstract Prizes
‘There is no place for stand alone midwifery-led units’
Chair: Professor Jane Sandall
Professor Denis Walsh: AGAINST the motion
Associate Professor in Midwifery, University of Nottingham, UK
Professor James Walker: FOR the motion
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Leeds Institute of Medicine, St. James Hospital, Leeds, UK
16.30Close of Meeting