Table 1

Patient characteristics of the “InSurE” and control infants

Clinical data“InSurE” (n  =  16)Controls (n  =  16)p Value
Gestational age, weeks, mean (SD)29.2 (1.2)29.3 (1.3)NS
Birth weight, g, mean (SD)1186 (341)1161 (287)NS
Postnatal age, h, mean (SD)16 (12)17 (11)NS
Gender, male/female13/39/7NS
Apgar score, median (range)
    1 Minute8 (4–10)7 (1–9)NS
    5 Minutes9 (7–10)9 (4–10)NS
RDS, n (%)
    Mild8 (50)9 (100)<0.05
    Moderate6 (37.5)0<0.05
    Severe2 (12.5)0<0.05
PIVH, n (%)
    Grade I02 (12.5)NS
    Grade II2 (12.5)0NS
    Grade III00NS
    Grade IV00NS
  • PIVH, periventricular/intraventricular haemorrhage according to the classification of Papile et al);21 NS, not significant; RDS, respiratory distress syndrome.