Table 4

Sources and types of information available for parents in the NNU

InformationLevel 1Level 2Level 3All units
Information sources
 Leaflets on specific topics/conditions96.889.891.492.0
 Unit booklets87.185.792.989.3
 Notice-board with staff roles and names67.759.254.358.7
Topics covered in written information
 Unit organisation and facilities77.475.588.682.0
 Hygiene and infection control80.675.582.980.0
 Equipment used with for infant care71.077.668.672.0
 List of useful contacts/organisations71.075.564.369.3
 Discharge and follow-up arrangements41.955.152.951.3
 Network information35.540.851.444.7
 Transfer arrangements32.330.660.044.7**
 Parents' reactions to preterm birth51.634.731.436.7
Information on specific aspects of care
 Tube feeding41.942.954.348.0
 Pain relief22.630.634.330.7
Information in preparation for discharge home
 Going home on oxygen80.691.890.088.7
 Safety, for example, cars seats, sleeping position77.487.885.784.7
 Recognising when a baby is unwell61.349.060.056.7
 GP and health visitor contact58.142.957.152.7
 Nutrition and growth54.846.951.450.7
 Preterm infant development41.942.952.947.3
  • ** p<0.01. NNU, neonatal unit.