Table 3

Proportion of units (%) with policies relating to parents

Unit policyLevel 1Level 2Level 3All units
Policies on aspects of care and working with parents
 Visiting for parents and families93.582.087.586.9
 Discharge home80.680.076.478.4
 Parental consent for procedures on babies74.256.870.866.7
 Discharge to another unit67.760.869.466.0
 Infection control and parents71.054.070.865.4
 Parents staying overnight41.936.041.739.9
Policies on supporting specific groups of parents
 Parents who substance-misuse67.768.051.460.1
 Teenage parents22.610.018.116.3
 Ethnic minority families16.18.016.713.7
 Mothers with learning disabilities or mental health problems9.78.015.311.8
 Physically disabled mothers16.16.013.911.8
 Parents of multiples9.78.015.311.8
 Mothers of preterm babies following caesarean section9.