Table 1 Audit standards
Infection control standards
There should be no soft toys in intensive care cots
All sleeves should be rolled above the elbows
No wrist watches are to be worn
No rings with stones are to be worn
There should be no leaning on incubators
There should be no foil bowls (used for warming milk) left at the sinks
Lipid should be prescribed as per protocol
There should be a documented antibiotic plan
All stethoscope bells should be kept in the incubator/cot
Each cot should have its own bottle of alcohol gel in its own bracket
Each baby should have its own tube of paraffin (used for heel prick blood tests)
Routine care standards
Central venous access should be documented clearly in the notes
First-day checks should be complete
Vitamins and supplements should be prescribed according to protocol
Oxygen saturation limits should be set according to protocol