Table 4

Maternal, pregnancy and neonatal risk factors and significance for postmenstrual age at hospital discharge in moderately preterm infants that were exclusively or in part breast fed (n = 1857) and infants that were not breast fed (n = 197)* at discharge from hospital to home

Exclusively or part breast feedingNo breast feeding
Regression coefficient (p value)Regression coefficient (p value)
Maternal age ⩾35 years2.61 (<0.001)3.04 (NS)
Multiplets4.46 (<0.001)3.06 (NS)
Gestational age at birth−0.30 (0.092)0.31 (NS)
Small for gestational age5.41 (<0.001)4.41 (NS)
Respiratory distress syndrome3.21 (<0.001)5.16 (0.038)
Infection1.94 (0.004)0.42 (NS)
Hypoglycaemia2.10 (<0.001)3.50 (NS)
Hyperbilirubinaemia1.13 (0.013)0.21 (NS)
Severe neonatal morbidity9.80 (<0.001)10.6 (NS)
Intercept (days)264.7 (<0.001)247.3 (<0.001)
  • Severe neonatal morbidity includes infants with one or more of the following diagnoses: retinopathy of prematurity grade 3–4, intraventricular haemorrhage grade 3–4 or bronchopulmonary dysplasia. A p value >0.05 was considered non-significant (NS).

  • R2 in multivariate model for breastfed infants  = 0.14 (p<0.001) and for not breastfed infants  = 0.12 (p = 0.005).

  • *Some missing data on maternal age (n = 14/1857 and 3/197 in the breastfed and not breastfed group, respectively).