Table 5 Heterogeneity in practice guidelines among 14 neonatal departments in Denmark
Condition or interventionThe different practice guidelineCochrane review conclusions
ApnoeaCaffeine, theophylline or doxapramCaffeine seems superior16 17
Chronic lung diseaseSteroid inhalation or not*, diuretics or not*Lack of evidence for both interventions22 23
Meconium aspiration syndromeSurfactant or not*Partly support the use of surfactant35
Neonatal abstinence syndromeOpiate or phenobarbitalLack of evidence for both interventions24 25
IndometacinProphylactic use or not*Prophylactic seems beneficial32
Positive airway pressureBinasal or mono-nasal deviceBinasal seems beneficial34
Vitamin EHigh-dose vitamin E or not*Evidence of harms and benefits19
PhosphateProphylactic use or not*Lack of evidence for prophylactic treatment18
Umbilical artery cathetersHigh or low positionEvidence supports high position28
  • *“Not” indicates that some practice guidelines did not recommended this intervention.