Table 1 Details of the 12 study infants
Case No, sexGA (weeks)Mat age/PMHParityFetal mvtsROM (h)Onset labour/augmentPerinatal events/type of deliveryBW (g)/centileHC (cm)/centileApgar 1 and 5 minAge at collapsepH in cord/post collapseHR post collapseSeizures/abn EEG background/clinical stateRespiratory illness post collapse
1, f41290Variable towards term13Induced post-dates PGE ARM syntDecels, fever 37.6°, forceps, ventouse, NC Epidural3690 50th36.6 75th6, 1075 min7.29 6.7580Yes Abnormal HIE stage 3No
2, f38280Normal18SOLForceps for FTP, NC3200 50th35.5 75th3, 99 h7.21 6.880Yes Abnormal HIE stage 3No
3, f3627 Hemiplegia0Normal3Induced for PET ARM syntEarly decels Forceps, rapid 2nd stage2300 9–25th33.0 50th6, 912 hND 6.7260Yes Abnormal HIE stage 3No
4, f37+129 HT +ve lupus0Normal11Induced for PET PGE syntNifedipine svd, NC3710 97th35.3 91st9, 1010 min7.18 6.80Yes Abnormal HIE stage 3No
5, m39+5271Normal0SOLsvd2550 2nd34.5 25–50th9, 1075 minND 6.740N EEG ND HIE stage 3No
6, m38360Normal<24SOL syntLong 2nd stage msl, NCsvd OP3070 50th35.0 75th7, 810 min7.3 6.91NAYes Abnormal HIE stage 3No
7, m twin 136+235 IVF0Normal Absent EDV0SOLEm CS, twin, IUGR, breech Epidural1930 2nd32.0 25th9, 1055 hND 6.39NAYes Abnormal HIE stage 3No
8, f40+5350↓ in last 2 weeks19Induced Mat discomfort PGEsvd32709th33.5 2–9th9, 1020 minND 7.05SlowYes (1) ND Irritable, twitching hyper-reflexicNo
9, f39391Normal<12SOLWB svd3000 25th34.0 25–50th8, 92.5 hND 6.68SlowYes (1) EEG normal Irritable hyperalertPPHN
10, m41370Normal24 abSOLWB, fever 37.5° svd4070 75th37.7 91st9, 101 hND 6.880No, EEG normal FloppyPPHN
11, m40381Normal0.15SOLARM msl svd3940 75th35.0 50th9, 98 hND 6.74SlowYes (1), EEG normal NNPPHN
12, f38230↓ 37 weeks, abdo pain0SOLEm CS breech epidural2440 2–9th33.0 25th9, 1035 min7.34 6.80No, CFM normal NNRDS
  • ab, maternal antibiotics; abdo, abdominal; abn, abnormal; ARM, artificial rupture of membranes; BW, birth weight; CFM, cerebral function monitor; CS, caesarean section; Decels, decelerations; EDV, end-diastolic velocity; Em, emergency; f, female; FTP, failure to progress; GA, gestational age; HC, head circumference; HIE, hypoxic–ischaemic encephalopathy; HR, heart rate; HT, hypertension; IUGR, intrauterine growth retardation; IVF, in vitro fertilisation; m, male; Mat, maternal; msl, meconium-stained liquor; mvts, movements; N, normal; NA, not available; NC, nuchal cord; ND, not done; NN, normal neurological exam; OP, occipitoposterior; PET, pre-eclamptic toxaemia; PGE, prostaglandins; PMH, past medical history; PPHN, persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn; RDS, respiratory distress syndrome; ROM, rupture of membranes; SOL, spontaneous onset of labour; svd, spontaneous vaginal delivery; synt, syntocinin; WB, water birth/bath.