Table 2 Pre-extubation ventilation parameters and outcomes following extubation in both cohorts (spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) and historical controls)
ParametersSBT (n = 90)Control (n = 90)p Value
Duration of first period of ET ventilation (days)2.6 (0.2–48.8)2.7 (0.1–47.0)0.86
Ventilator rate at extubation (breaths/min)*42 (6)27 (8)<0.001
MAP at extubation (cm H2O)*7.2 (1.4)6.5 (0.7)<0.001
Fio2 at extubation*0.23 (0.05)0.23 (0.03)0.31
Number of extubation successes (%)70 (78)65 (72)0.49
Days of nasal CPAP24.4 (0.9–103.8)15.3 (0.0–75.4)0.01
Total duration of all forms of assisted ventilation (days)31.2 (1.1–141.0)23.8 (0.3–125.6)0.16
Number of cases of BPD (%)32 (36)32 (36)1.00
  • Data are either proportions, mean (SD)* and analysed by χ2 analysis/independent t-tests or median (range) and analysed using Mann–Whitney tests.

  • BPD, bronchopulmonary dysplasia; CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; ET, endotracheal; Fio2, fractional inspired oxygen; MAP, mean arterial pressure.