Table 2 Seizure details of 12 infants with clinically suspected or electrographically recorded seizure activity
Study NoTime of EEG recording (hours from birth)EEG seizure (n)EEG seizure (s)Mean EEG seizure duration (s)Video recorded clinical seizure (n)Video recorded clinical seizure (s)Mean video seizure duration (s)Description
120–49.317138086213366Staring, eye deviation
214–58*564668414566214.7Yawning, blinking, multifocal clonic
318–696419 492291162935183Mouthing, multifocal clonic
43.5–23423115692094647.3Apnoea, irregular resps, clonic jerks LUL
54–59†34321395971379.2LLL clonic, occasionally RLL and LUL
622–88566223118111315119.5Mouthing, yawning, multifocal clonic
726–74144636346521042LUL clonic jerks, rhythmic head jerking
820–8720561 1223116013 921232Tonic ULs, staring, multifocal clonic
912–78‡3891383171136833.4Multifocal clonic
103–67000000Clonus, tremors, staring, apnoea
114.5–36.5000000Clonus, generalised jerking all four limbs
125.5–36000000Clonus, jerking all four limbs on handling, apnoea
Total526112 98721517921 203118
  • Cases 10–12 were infants with clinically suspected seizures, but no electrographic seizures.

  • *Video obscured by blanket for additional 18 electrographic seizures.

  • †Portions of video lost through technical difficulties; unable to view an additional 139 electrographic seizures.

  • ‡Video obscured for two additional electrographic seizures.

  • LLL, left lower limb; LUL, left upper limb; RLL, right lower limb; ULs, upper limbs.