Table 1 Details of the 12 infants with clinically suspected or electrographically identified seizures, or both
Study NoBirth weight (g)GestationDiagnosis†SexFetal heart rate monitoringMode of deliverypH‡Apgar 5 min
1303039HIE grade IIMTachy/decalsVacuum6.95
2367040HIE grade IIMTachycardiaVacuum7.26
3330042HIE grade IIMVariable decalsVacuum7.047
4*376042HIE grade IIIMHome birthNVD7.15
5*362542HIE grade IIIFHome birthNVD7.18
6314041HIE grade IIFTachycardiaVacuum/forceps7.168
7375041MCA infarctMTachy/decalsEmer CS7.179
8325041HIE grade IIIMBradycardiaForceps7.067
9183040HIE grade IIIFLate decalsNVD7.186
10402040HIE grade IIIFBradyacardiaNVD7.042
11295040HIE grade IIIMVariable decalsForceps6.55
12405041HIE grade IIFBradycardiaNVD6.83
  • *Patients 4 and 5 were planned home births and so Apgar scores and antenatal monitoring were not available.

  • †Grade of encephalopathy is Sarnat grade I–III.

  • ‡pH, pH on initial blood gas within 1 hour after delivery.

  • decals, decelerations; Emer CS, emergency Caesarean section; HIE, hypoxic–ischaemic encephalopathy; MCA, middle cerebral artery infarct; NVD, normal vaginal delivery; Tachy, tachycardia.