Table 1 Data on 84 newborns referred to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in a 12-month period
Gestational age (weeks), median (range)30 (25+1–41+2)
Birth weight (g), median (range)1768 (550–3940)
NICU length of stay (days), median (range)6 (1–106)
No. of painful procedures/newborn, median (range)9 (0–47)
Sepsis, n (%)17 (20)
Surgical procedures,* n (%)6 (7)
Mechanical ventilation, n (%)18 (21)
Nasal continuous positive airway pressure, n (%)55 (65)
Opioid treatment, n (%)16 (19)
Ibuprofen/indometacin n (%)20 (24)
  • *Surgical correction of gastric malrotation in 1 newborn, ventriculoperitoneal shunt positioning for tetra ventricular hydrocephalus in 1 newborn, surgical correction of a hypoplastic aortic arch in 1 newborn, Broviac catheter placement in 1 newborn, and surgical correction of myelomeningocoele in 2 infants.