Table 4

 Comparison of first day and later screens in detection of screenable heart defects

FindingsFirst day screen11,16,20n = 12 419Later screen3,18,19n = 21 783
*Listed in table 2.
†12 from an early study phase; similar ultrasound studies later replaced by repeat Spo2.11
‡Exact data not available.
Screenable defects*36(1:345)11(1:1980)
True positive25(1:497)8(1:2723)
False negative113
False positive, of these263
    Other cardiac disease50
    Non-cardiac disease190
    Healthy infants23
True negative12 35721 769
Positive predictive value49%73%
Negative predictive value99.91%99.99%
Repeat Spo2 measurements461 (3.7%)0
Negative ultrasound examination15†3
Discharged undiagnosed2–5‡3