Table 1

 Summary of studies on neonatal pulse oximetry screening for congenital heart defects (CHD)

StudyNo.Target defects (n)Screening techniqueIdentification of CHD
Age, mean or median (h)Probe siteNormal range (%),hand–foot difference (%)Oximeter type*Prenatal (excluded)Birth hospitalAfter discharge
ASD, atrial septal defect; NA, not available.
*Oximeter type (functional/fractional; not clearly indicated in some studies) may slightly influence the cut-offs, see text.
†“Critical”, (duct-dependent/requires operation <1 month); marked (necessitating treatment <5–12 month)
‡Defect not sought for in the study.
Preliminary screens
    Gnanalingham et al171421Cyanotic (1)1.7Foot⩾91FractionalNA10NA
    Hoke et al132876Critical†(4)<24Arm + foot⩾92, <7FunctionalNA4NA0
    Reich et al142114Marked†(3)>24Arm or foot⩾95, <4Functional(1)111
    Lapland Central Hospital4354Serious (17)2Arm or foot⩾90 (⩾95)Fractional02132
    2000–03 (unpublished)(6)(9)(2)
First day screens
    Richmond et al115626All (50)11.7Foot⩾95Fractional463010
    Arlettaz et al203262All (40)8Foot⩾95Functional116NANA
    Meberg and Brun163532Serious (7)6.6Foot⩾95FunctionalNA0 (2 ASD)‡61
Later screens
    Koppel et al1811 281Critical (11)72Foot⩾96Fractional(9)362
    Rosati et al195292Critical (3)72Foot⩾96NA(NA)2Excluded1
    Bakr et al35211All (32)31.7Arm + foot⩾94FractionalNA4253
Total44 9691681.7–72Arm + foot90–9615 (+10)29 (35)81+20+