Movements towards and across the midlineElegant wrist movementsAbrupt hand and/or limb movements and rolling to sideFrozen postures of arms and legs
(1) Head rotation from side to midline and back(1) Wrist move- ments with superimposed rotations(1) Abrupt opening of hands and fingers(1) Arms in frozen extension
(2) Head rotation from side to side(2) Abrupt abduction–extension of the arms(2) Arms in frozen flexion and fisting
(3) Hand–mouth contact(3) Abrupt abduction–extension of the four limbs(3) Legs in frozen extension
(4) Hand–head contact(4) Abrupt rolling to side
(5) Gently striking head with open hands
(6) Hand–hand contact
(7) Hands touching contralateral shoulder and trunk
(8) Hand–leg contact
(9) Foot–foot contact