Table 1 Distribution of demographic and perinatal variables. Values are numbers (%) unless otherwise stated
VariableNo. (%)
Male sex64 (60.4)
Ethnic group
    White52 (48.1)
    Asian/Asian British18 (16.7)
    Black/black British11 (10.1)
    Mixed11 (10.1)
    Other16 (14.8)
Birth weight (g), mean (SD)3170 (480)
Gestational age (weeks), mean (SD)38.2 (1.7)
Mode of delivery
    Normal vaginal63 (58.3)
    Instrumental vaginal25 (23.1)
    Caesarean section20 (18.5)
Feeding method
    Breast87 (80.5)
    Artificial13 (12.0)
    Mixed6 (5.5)
Associated problems
    Suspected haemolysis49
    Rhesus incompatibility6
    Probable ABO incompatibility16
    Possible ABO incompatibility17
    Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency5
    Hereditary spherocytosis3
    Other causes of haemolysis2
No associated pathology29