Table 2

 Rates of key in-hospital outcomes, stratified by gestational age and birth weight

Gestational age (weeks)Birth weight (g)All infants (n = 1250)
30–326/7 (n = 476)33–346/7 (n = 774)<2000 (n = 731)⩾2000 (n = 519)
Values are percentages. Statistical comparisons are between 30–326/7 week infants and 33–346/7 week infants and between infants <2000 g and infants ⩾2000 g birth weight. Asterisks indicate comparisons that reached significance at the p<0.05 level.
LOAV, Length of assisted ventilation; IVH, intraventricular haemorrhage; PMA, postmenstrual age.
LOAV ⩾72 hours21.33.4*14.04.8*10.2
Oxygen in use at 28 days7.10.1*4.80.0*2.8
Oxygen in use at 36 weeks PMA6.71.0*4.31.5*3.2
Necrotising enterocolitis1.
IVH, any0.
IVH, grade 3 or 41.20.0*
Retinopathy of prematurity0.
Discharge at <36 weeks PMA45.753.945.258.7*50.8
Discharge at 36–38 weeks PMA41.638.643.834.039.8
Discharge at ⩾38 weeks PMA12.77.411.07.29.4