Table 1

 Clinical criteria for the diagnosis of sepsis

IMCI criteria for severe bacterial infection*WHO young infant study group†
*Any of the signs listed implies high suspicion of serious bacterial infection.
†Each symptom or sign is associated with a score. The score indicates the probability of disease.14,15
IMCI, Integrated Management of Childhood Illness.
Respiratory rate >60 breaths/minXX (divided by age group)
Severe chest indrawingXX
Nasal flaringX
Bulging fontanelleX
Pus draining from the earX
Redness around umbilicus extending to the skinX
Temperature >37.7°C (or feels hot) or <35.5°C (or feels cold)XX
Lethargic or unconsciousXX (not aroused by minimal stimulus)
Reduced movementsXX (change in activity)
Not able to feedXX (not able to sustain suck)
Not attaching to the breastX
No suckling at allX
Reduced digital capillary refill time