Table 6

‚ÄÉReported case fatality rates for neonatal pneumonia

StudyCountry and type of presentationNumberDeathsNumber of cases in 1st week/deathsRisk factors
NR, Not reported; A-aDo2, alveolar-arterial oxygen tension difference.
Misra et al14India; university hospital4414 (32%)NRSlow respiratory rate; low birth weight
Shakunthala et al6India; university hospital neonatal unit5024 (48%)23/17First week presentation; low birth weight
Mathur et al9India; university hospital neonatal unit10332 (31%)NRA-aDo2 >250 mm Hg
Bang et al45India; community based intervention study6510 (15%)NRReferral indications: stridor, unconsciousness, convulsions or inability to suck
Singhi & Singhi15India; university hospital emergency department presentations897 (8%)NRSlow respiratory rate
Webber et al7UK; university hospital neonatal unit7611 (14%)35/10First week presentation
Total42798 (23%)