Table 4

 Erythromycin as a rescue prokinetic agent in preterm neonates

Antimicrobial dose (n = 56)27Low dose (n = 111)
El Hennawy et al29Ng et al28Cairns et al30,31
Values are median (range) or mean (SD) except those marked with an asterisk which are mean (SEM).
FEFs, Full enteral feeds; TPN, total parenteral nutrition; NEC, necrotising enterocolitis; NA, not available; NR, not recorded.
Gestation (weeks)29.6 (28.6–30.7)29.3 (27.5–31.0)29 (3)29 (2)27.1 (1.9)27.5 (2.9)27.8 (1.9)27.5 (1.8)
Birth weight (g)1180 (985–1395)1160 (1004–1389)1178 (416)1212 (527)806.3 (215.6)981.6 (285.4)NANA
Age at starting treatment (days)141424 (13)26 (13)19.7 (9)17.3 (5.3)NANA
Time to FEFs after enrolment (days)13.5 (8–22)25(16–33)NANA24.9 (2.9)*30.8 (4.1)*13.0 (14.1)26.5 (20.5)
Postnatal age at FEFs (days)NANA31 (15)36 (16)46.6 (18)52.1 (17.5)NANA
Time to regain birth weight (days)NANANANA12.8 (4.4)16.8 (6.2)NANA
Discharge weight (g)NANANANANRNRNANA
Duration of treatment (days)14148828.4 (7.1)33.6 (9.4)Till FEFsTill FEFs
Duration of TPN (days)NANANANA39.4 (13.8)43.3 (18.3)NANA
Duration of hospital stay (days)73 (64–97)86(64–109)NANA98.3 (35.9)99.6 (58.6)NANA
⩾Stage 2 NEC00NANA01NANA
Cardiac arrhythmia00NANA00NANA
Late onset sepsis119NANA33NANA
Theophylline toxicityNANANANA00NANA
Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis00NANA00NANA