Table 3

 Respiratory outcomes at 2 years

No/total%No/total%Relative risk*95% CI†
*Relative risk is the ratio of the risk of the most severe adverse outcome in the two groups, HFOV/CV.
†95% confidence intervals of relative risk.
HFOV, High frequency oscillatory ventilation; CV, conventional ventilation.
Chest symptoms
    Coughing84/1724998/194510.970.79 to 1.19
        >Once a week21/812633/97340.760.48 to 1.21
        Once a week, >once a month17/812115/9715
        Once a month or less43/815349/9751­–
        With exercise15/612528/76370.670.39 to 1.13
        With infection68/818488/98900.930.83 to 1.05
    Wheezing56/1673475/187400.840.63 to 1.10
        >Once a week16/533021/72291.040.60 to 1.79
        Once a week, >once a month6/531112/7217
        Once a month or less31/535839/7254
        With exercise13/423126/60430.710.42 to 1.22
        With infection50/568966/73900.990.88 to 1.11
Chest medicines
    Last 12 months94/17155115/192600.920.77 to 1.10
        Bronchodilators63/1713782/192430.860.67 to 1.11
        Inhaled steroids36/1712150/192260.810.56 to 1.18
        Any inhaled drug63/1713785/192440.830.65 to 1.07
    On home oxygen now2/17314/19420.560.10 to 3.02