Table 3

 Temperature difference (°C) for all abdominal and foot skin temperature periods in which the foot skin temperature was 2°C higher (baby with mother) or 2°C lower (baby in the cot) than mean foot skin temperature for the whole measurement period

With motherIn cot
Differences are mean (SD).
**p<0.01, ***p<0.001 compared with when the baby was with the mother.
Day 136.93/35.361.57 (0.62)36.30**/29.46***6.84 (0.74)***
Day 236.96/35.241.72 (0.79)36.48**/29.57***6.91 (1.13)***
Total36.95/35.301.62 (0.71)36.39**/29.52***6.86 (0.95)***