Table 3

 Iatrogenic lesions found at autopsy in extremely preterm infants dying before 28 days of age

GA (weeks)Age at death (days)Iatrogenic lesionDiagnosis made pre-mortemLesion cause of death?
TPN, Total parenteral nutrition.
2515Transection of tracheaYesYes
258Chorioamnionitis secondary to amnio-infusionNoNo
congenital pneumonia
278Cardiac tamponade due to long lineUncertainYes
2310Perforation of stomach by orogastric tubeNoNo
278Aortic thrombus associated with umbilical catheterYesYes
232Haemorrhage around the right umbilical artery associated with catheter insertionNoNo
2519Perforation of left subclavian vein with long line catheterYesYes
2519Oesophagus: multiple linear abrasions with haemorrhageNoNo
248Thrombus right umbilical artery to above the aortic bifurcationNoNo
2520TPN related cholestasisNoNo
241Injury to lung and heart secondary to needle aspiration of pneumothoracesHeart known to have been puncturedNo
279Oesophageal ulceration. Gastric ulceration. TPN related cholestasisNoNo