Table 5

 Movement ABC at school age related to US and MRI groups

USGroup 1, n = 96Group 2, n = 89p for difference 1–2Group 3, n = 36p for difference 1–3All (n = 221)
TIS median5.255.015.755.5
Mov ABC <p5, n6121937
Mov ABC p5–p15, n1060.195<0.000121
Mov ABC >p15, n807112163
MRIGroup 1, n = 87Group 2, n = 104p for difference 1–2Group 3, n = 30p for difference 1–3All (n = 221)
Mov, Movement; TIS, total impairment score.
TIS median4.06.2519.255.5
Mov ABC <p5, n4141937
Mov ABC p5–15, n7100.0954<0.000121
Mov ABC >p15, n76807163