Table 3

 Comparison of potential risk factors associated with the development of nasal trauma in very low birthweight infants after nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP)

Trauma (n = 29)No trauma (n = 60)95% CI of difference between meanp Value
Unless otherwise indicated, values are mean (SD).
*Significant difference.
†Median (interquartile range).
Birth weight (g)992 (199)1146 (227)55.5 to 251.90.003*
Gestation (weeks)28.6 (2.2)29.6 (2.6)−1.3 to 2.10.08
Duration of nCPAP (days)35.1 (20.0)20.4 (17.6)−22.9 to −6.40.001*
Duration of conventional ventilation (days)5.0 (5.5)†3.0 (7.0)†0.1
Duration of high frequency ventilation (days)0 (0)†0 (0)†0.1
Application of nCPAP
    On admission4160.3
    After extubation2544