Table 2

 Breastfed children with late first positive polymerase chain reactions (PCRs) (>4 weeks) and non-breastfed children with late first positive PCRs and late last negative PCRs (>4 weeks)

ChildBreast fedAge at last negative PCRAge at first positive PCR (months)Age breast feeding stopped (weeks)
For all these children, the first PCR test at <3 days was negative.
1Yes1 day (& an indeterminate PCR result at 4 weeks)4.720
2Yes2 days3Not available
3YesBirth3Not available
4Yes3 days3Not available
5Yes2 days3Not available
6Yes24 days3.926
7Yes2.7 months1512
8No31 days2.2
9No32 days5.1
10No1.9 months5.8
11No5.6 months12.2
12No8.7 months13.4