Table 1

 Studies included in this meta-analysis of elective use of HFV in preterm infants

StudynVentilation modeGestional age (weeks)Birth weight (g)Age at random-
>isation (h)†
SurfactantHFV with HLVSCMV with LPVS
Mean±SD or median (minimum–maximum) are given as available. CMV, conventional mechanical ventilation; HFJV, high frequency jet ventilation; HFOV, high frequency oscillatory ventilation; HFV, high frequency ventilation; HLVS, high lung volume strategy.
*Attempted, probably not achieved; †actual data if reported, protocol limits otherwise.
LPVS, low pressure or volume strategy by: ‡a high lower limit for arterial carbon dioxide (Paco2 ⩾40 mm Hg), §upper limits for tidal volumes ⩽6 ml/kg, or ¶a high ventilatory rate (⩾60/min, HFPPV).2–4
HIFI 19898673HFOV28±21088±5636.1±4.6NoNo*?
Carlo 1990942HFJV30±21418±29615.5 (4–30)NoNoNo†
Clark 19921165HFOV28±31080±3259±5NoYesNo†
Ogawa 19931092HFOV29±21251±3202.0±1.6YesYes?
Gerstmann 199612125HFOV30±21510±4652.9 (2.4–3.3)YesYesNo†
Wiswell 19961373HFJV27±3946±2677.3±5.5YesNo?
Keszler 199714130HFJV27±21020±2148.1±4.2YesIn part?
Rettwitz-Volk 19981596HFOV29±11109±114<2YesNoNo
Plavka 19991643HFOV26±2838±183<0.3YesYesNo
Thome 199917284HFOV27±2901±2510.5±0.35YesYesYes‡¶
Moriette 200118273HFOV24–30980±2292.5±3YesYesYes‡
Durand 20011948HFOV26±2840±2112.6±1.1YesYesYes‡§
Courtney 200220498HFOV26±1.6854±1602.7±0.9YesYesYes‡§
Johnson 200221797HFOV26.5±?853±185<1YesYesYes¶
Craft 20032246HFOV26 (23–30)726 (751–1000)?YesYesYes‡
Van Reempts 200323241HFOV29 (25–32)1173 (400–2292)0.9YesYesYes¶
Schreiber 200324207HFOV27.2±2.6983±379<12YesYesNo