Table 4

 Amplitude integrated electroencephalography data and outcome of infants with recovery of burst suppression pattern

PatientObstetric complicationsApgar scoreStart CFM atSarnat scoreRecovery atAnti-epileptic drugOutcome
CFM, Cerebral function monitoring; CNV, continuous normal voltage; DNV, discontinuous normal voltage; Phen, phenobarbital; clon, clonazepam; phenyt, phenytoin; lido, lidocaine; mida, midazolam.
*Anti-epileptic drug received before recovery.
1Fetal decelerations, ventouse extraction1/2/54 h210 h DNV 20 h CNVPhen*, clon*Normal
2Short period of bradycardia2/5/?3 h29 h CNVPhen*Normal
3Premature rupture of membranes, fetal decelerations, emergency caesarean section1/5/52.5 h219 h DNV 32 h CNVPhen*, phenyt*, midaNormal
4Post-term pregnancy, cord prolapse1/?/?3 h24.5 h DNVPhen*, clon*Normal
5Uterine rupture, emergency caesarean section2/4/53 h210 h DNV 47 h CNVPhen*, mida*, lidoDelayed language and speech development
6Shoulder dystocia0/2/13 h26 h DNV 10 h CNVPhen*, phenyt*Delayed language and speech development
7Delayed vaginal delivery, no other complications6/6/96 h29 h DNV 20 h CNVPhen*, clon*, phenyt,Ataxic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Palisano category a
8Cord prolapse, emergency caesarean section0/?/?3 h26 h DNV 11 h CNVPhen*, phenyt, clonDyskinetic cerebral palsy, Palisano category a
9Fetal decelerations1/1/?4 h28 h DNVPhen*, clonDyskinetic cerebral palsy, Palisano category b
12 h CNV
10Placental abruption, ventouse extraction1/5/72,5 h24 h DNV 5 h CNVPhen*, lido, midaDyskinetic cerebral palsy, Palisano category c
11Meconium stained liquor, fetal bradycardia, emergency caesarean section1/4/?2 h29 h DNV 11 h CNVPhen*, lido, mida, clonDyskinetic cerebral palsy, Palisano category c
12Home delivery, fetal bradycardia2/?/?3 h311 h DNVPhen*, lidoDied
21 h CNV
after 38 h deterioration