Table 1

 Clinical characteristics and lavage variables on days 1–3 for the group of infants who did not develop bronchopulmonary dysplasia (No BPD) and the group who died or did develop BPD

VariableNo BPDDeath or BPDp Value
Values are mean (SD) or median (5th–95th centile). The lavage variables are square root transformed.
*Does not include the two subjects who died.
IL, interleukin; NF-κB, nuclear factor-kappa B; SC, secretory component.
Birth weight (g)1042.8 (297.1)778.4 (113.7)0.002
Gestation (weeks)28 (25.3–30.7)25.5 (24.3–27.7)<0.001
Days in O218.3 (16.8)81.7 (16.2)*<0.001
Lavage IL8 (pg/μg SC)2.41 (1.68)1.74 (0.77)0.156
Lavage cell count (cells/μg SC)1.125 (0.735)1.204 (0.610)0.752
Lavage NF-κB (pg/μg protein/μg SC)0.062 (0.036)0.097 (0.043)0.018