Table 3

‚ÄÉResults of other examinations in the group with flat trace/continuous low voltage patterns

PatientUltrasoundVEPSEPMRI findingsOutcome
VEP, visual evoked potential; SEP, sensory evoked potential; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; PVE, periventricular echodensities; THAL, thalamic echodensities; SI, signal intensity; PLIC, posterior limb internal capsule
*First delayed, but quick recovery.
**VEP, SEP, or MRI not performed.
2Posterior fossa haemorrhageNormal*Normal*NormalNormal
3THALNormal*Normal*Mild SI changes in basal ganglia, normal PLICNormal
4Minimal THALNormalNormalMild SI changes in thalami right side, normal PLICNormal
6PVE + THALNormalNormalSevere SI changes in basal ganglia and thalamiQuadriplegia, epilepsy, Palisano category c